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Dec 22 2014

It's All Greek to Me! How to Makes Heads or Tails of HVAC Brands

What do you need to know about the three top HVAC brands?

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If you have recently purchased a home, you are probably curious about all the HVAC equipment that comes along with it. You might not know where to begin with all the different HVAC brands and models you are facing. What kind of reputation does it have? Should you need to worry about repairs or replacements in the near future? Here is a quick comparison of the best major HVAC brands on the market today:


Carrier is another company with over 100 years of heating and cooling history behind it. They are the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world, and everything except their evaporator coils are made in America. Carrier has one of the best service records of all HVAC brands, and is noted for producing durable systems.

American Standard

American Standard’s history dates back to 1885 with the introduction of a steam heater. They built their first air conditioner in 1931. This HVAC brand is known for making the toughest, most durable HVAC equipment on the market.


Company founder Dave Lennox built the world’s first riveted-steel furnace over 100 years ago, so suffice it to say that this company has a long history of innovation. Lennox also has a solid reputation for building efficient, quiet HVAC equipment with excellent warranty coverage. Most of their products are made in America.

No matter what HVAC brands you have in your home, a Comfort Services HVAC maintenance subscription can ensure your family’s comfort every single day as your systems are kept running at their prime. Our technicians will inspect your equipment at regular intervals and perform routine maintenance. And if any problems begin to emerge, we will get it fixed before it evolves into a full-blown emergency.

Call Comfort Services at 803.772.4490 to find out how our HVAC maintenance subscriptions can protect all of your HVAC brands.

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