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Jun 21 2017

Learn How to Maintain Your HVAC the Right Way

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Your heating and air conditioning system is the single most expensive system in your home. As such, it is important to take care of it like you would take care of your car. For example, most people would not expect a car to run problem-free for ten years or more without checkups and maintenance. The same is true for an HVAC system. It needs regular checkups and maintenance to extend its life and ensure it is running efficiently.

Tips for Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

There are many things the average homeowner can do to maintain their heating and air conditioning system, including:

  • Change the filter monthly, per the manufacturer's recommendation to keep your system from having to work harder to heat and cool your home.
  • Inspect your indoor unit at least twice a year. Clean the coils to avoid mold growth and improve air quality. Check for leaks. Contact your HVAC specialists to check out anything suspicious that you find.
  • Clean your outdoor unit each spring and keep the area surrounding it free from weeds and debris.

Bring in Heating and Air Conditioning Professionals Regularly

In addition to regular maintenance of your HVAC system you perform yourself, it is important to schedule a professional inspection from trusted heating and air conditioning specialists. They can detect small issues early before they cause your system to break down. Investing in a maintenance agreement ensures your system receives a professional inspection twice a year.

Bringing in the professionals on a regular basis can extend the life of your HVAC unit, your monthly energy costs, and the cost of emergency repairs.

Want to ensure your heating and air conditioning system runs optimally for as long as possible? Schedule service with our team of experts at Comfort Services now.

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