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Aug 11 2014

Not Just Spiders! What Else Gets Into Your Crawl Space That's Costing You Money?

Crawl space Insulation Can Help Prevent Multiple Issues

Crawl Space Insulation

You have probably never given much thought to the importance of crawl space insulation, but every homeowner should. The impact that insulation has on energy efficiency can't be overstated. Even a brand new, highly efficient air conditioner is no match for an under-insulated home. One area that is often overlooked when it comes to home insulation is the crawl space. You could quickly decrease your monthly energy costs by having new, weather-sealing crawl space insulation professionally installed.

There are multiple good reasons for sealing openings around the home. By having your crawl space sealed, you will prevent air seepage and keep out dampness. Moisture buildup in crawl spaces can make the entire home smell musty and will cause condensation problems. Plus, even tiny cracks around your crawl space will become an easy entry point for all kinds of pests, like spiders or ants.

Outside air can seep into your home through virtually any crack or hole around the house, including window seals, hatches, and crawlspace vents. Having crawl space vent covers installed is an easy way to save money on your energy bills, keep excess moisture out of your crawlspace, exclude pests, and ensure good indoor air quality.

Comfort Services specializes in finding cost-effective ways to renovate crawl spaces to improve energy efficiency and reduce electrical bills. Our heating and cooling experts can help you get your cooling bills quickly back on track and within your budget. Schedule an appointment for a crawl space insulation assessment by completing our contact form.

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