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Dec 06 2012

Reasons For An Annual HVAC Service Call

It'll help prepare your home for colder temperatures.

HVAC system

No matter how well made your heating system is, it still requires regular care to stay in top form. Professional annual HVAC service helps ensure your system runs safely and efficiently all winter, but those aren't the only benefits you'll get.

  • Safety - An annual inspection catches problems that put you at risk for fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions. For instance, a clogged burner or blocked flue can result in dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. During a yearly service call, an HVAC expert will inspect the system's wiring, heat exchanger, burner, flue and other potential problem areas.
  • Reliability - Imagine being braced for a cold, windy winter storm when suddenly the furnace breaks down. To avoid that unpleasant scenario and keep your system working reliably, get your HVAC system inspected before the cold sets in. Even if your system seems to be running smoothly, there may be minor issues you haven't noticed. Run the system without addressing those issues and they could turn into major problems that require expensive repairs or cause complete system failure.
  • Efficiency - Just because your system is running trouble-free, that doesn't mean it's running efficiently. Problems like a dirty air filter, dirty or leaky ducts, moving parts in need of lubrication, and a miscalibrated thermostat reduce your system's efficiency. Annual HVAC service brings your system up to top efficiency, which keeps your energy bills down. You'll also enjoy more consistent, even heating.
  • Your warranty - Sometimes things go wrong no matter how well you maintain your HVAC system. That's what the warranty's for. Depending on your system's manufacturer, though, skipping routine maintenance could invalidate your warranty. To keep it valid, get the necessary cleaning and maintenance done on schedule and keep proof. Check the manufacturer's guidelines to learn what kind of care your system requires.

For the best selection of appointment times, call to schedule your annual HVAC service before the heating season begins. To schedule your appointment and get more expert guidance on maintaining your heating system, contact us at Comfort Services. We've been providing the Columbia area with reliable HVAC care since 1976.

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