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Nov 02 2016

Save Energy and Money this Winter with 4 Easy Tips


It won't be long now. Temperatures are dropping and you’ll begin to spend time thinking about how to conserve energy this winter. In many parts of the country heating is a major expense. In others, like South Carolina, it is that short season in which we can save some extra money on utilities to better afford those higher summer bills.

The U.S. Energy Administration expects energy costs this winter to go down naturally due to warmer days and lower fuel prices, so this is a great year to save as much as you can by getting smart about how you manage heating your home. Let's make the most of it with 4 tips for keeping your home warm without wasting energy.

Tip #1: Use the Power of The Sun

In the winter, cloud cover can hang low and block the sun. But it's still there and yes, it can still heat your home. If you have a window that is facing south, be sure to open the curtains wide during the day to allow those warming rays to fill your home. Then close them tight after it gets dark to hold that heat inside.

Tip #2: Stop dressing like you're going to the beach

Don't underestimate the ability of your indoor wardrobe to keep you warm. Having a warm center helps keep fingers, toes, lips warmer as blood flows out. Put those shorts and tees away and pull out your sweaters, long underwear and warm socks so that you can feel comfortable at a lower room temperature. Dress in layers so you can adjust if housework or other activities make you warm. 

Tip #3: Use airflow to your advantage

A good tip for any time of the year is to make sure that your vents are not obstructed. This allows for better air flow from your HVAC unit to your rooms. Another good tip for the season change is to adjust your ceiling fans for winter. Counter-clockwise in summer forces hot air up. Clockwise in winter pulls warmer air down. 

Tip #4: Adjust the thermostat effectively

Raising and lowering the thermostat during the day when you feel cold or comfortable will make you feel colder as your body gets used to a higher temperature and is then subjected to a drop. Try to keep the temperature setting as consistent as possible. Adding a layer of clothing instead is a good way to prevent getting too cold while in your home. Another good way to save on energy costs by adjusting the thermostat is to lower the thermostat when no one will be home for long periods of time or when you’re asleep at night.

Stay Comfortable This Winter

You don't have to sacrifice excessive energy to stay warm. And you don't have to be uncomfortable to save money this winter. If you use natural light, clothing, airflow and the thermostat correctly, you and your home will always feel just right. If you have questions or need assistance with your heater this winter, contact your HVAC experts at Comfort Services.

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