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Apr 13 2016

How Often Do I Need to Schedule a Maintenance Visit for My HVAC System?

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Just as you have your car checked and its oil changed regularly, you need to get regular checks for your HVAC system, and a maintenance agreement is the best way to make sure it gets done. The state of your HVAC unit determines the comfort you and your loved ones enjoy; a malfunction could leave you sweating through a long, hot summer, while watching your hard-earned money fly out the window.

There are several valuable benefits at stake as well. Carefully maintained units enjoy a much longer lifespan, require fewer and less expensive repairs and consume less fuel and energy. Besides saving you time, money and effort, maintenance agreements also ensure your peace of mind.

Minimum Visit Frequency Recommended for Maintenance Contracts

Some heating and cooling systems need more frequent inspection and maintenance visits than others. However, there are some basic requirements all homeowners should meet, detailed below:

  • Heating and cooling systems should be inspected and receive maintenance at least twice a year, in spring and autumn.
  • Cooling systems should receive at least yearly maintenance, before the beginning of the cooling season.
  • Heating systems should be inspected and maintained annually, before the heating season.

This is the minimum frequency recommended. Having your HVAC unit inspected more often and subjected to maintenance operations such as ducts and air filter cleaning or leaks identification and sealing will not hurt. In fact, it can even its functioning, prolong its lifespan, and lower your energy bills.

Ask about a Convenient Maintenance Agreement Now!

Why wake up in a chilly room in the middle of the winter, or boil in your clothes in the heat of the summer? Why spend a fortune on repairs or replacements when you can enjoy ultimate comfort and peace of mind and save money at the same time? Contact us now to schedule service, and also ask about our preventative maintenance agreements.

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