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Sep 07 2016

What are some of the advantages of solar power for my home?

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According to the USEIA (United States Energy Information Administration), the average energy cost in the US can be expected to rise by more than a dollar per kilowatt-hour by 2017 from what it was in 2014. This means the average American household can expect to spend an extra 2.6-3.5 percent each year for their power bills assuming no tax increases or higher use rates.
Considering these numbers, it is no wonder that a great number of people are looking at the advantages that solar energy use can bring to their homes, but just what are those advantages?


This is, of course, the first reason that most people start looking at solar energy for their homes. Every kilowatt that you produce is one less that you have to pay the power company to use. Which translates to energy cost savings that you’ll notice very quickly.
As solar energy systems have become more popular they are becoming more of a selling point on the real estate market. Not only saving money on monthly energy cost but also being more self-sufficient is seen as a big plus in today's world.
Whereas energy cost from the grid is always going to remain on a steady climb, your cost with solar energy will remain consistently low for the lifetime of your panels.

Guaranteed Performance

Related to locking in your energy cost is the fact that with today's technology, most manufacturers include a performance guarantee of 20-25 years, with 80 percent production after 25 years being the industry standard.

Good for the Planet

Solar panels don’t require fossil fuels to operate which reduces your household’s carbon footprint on the planet. You can rest easy knowing that you’re doing your part to help transition to cleaner methods of energy.
Going solar has never been easier. For more information on shifting to solar energy, in the Columbia, SC area, contact Comfort Services today.

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