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Oct 06 2014

The 4 Best Ways to Prevent Air Conditioning Service

How Can You Avert an Air Conditioning Service Crisis?

Air Conditioning Service

Calling in a professional HVAC technician for air conditioning service can be stressful when you don’t know exactly what is wrong. It can also be extremely expensive when major AC components need to be replaced. The good news is that there are many steps homeowners can take on a regular basis to keep their air conditioning systems in good working order.

Here are four easy tips to help prevent the need for air conditioning service:

1. Replace your air filters at least once a month.

This is the easiest maintenance task you can do yourself to help keep your air conditioning and heating systems clean and avoid the need for service down the road.

2. Keep plants and debris away from the outdoor AC unit.

Trim shrubs back several inches away from the unit to prevent airflow blockage. Also, check the unit for damage caused by hail, fallen tree branches, or anything else.

3. Don’t turn the air conditioner off during the day.

Instead, set it several degrees warmer than you like it. When you return home, the air conditioner will have to run for a while to bring the house back to a comfortable temperature, but it will not have to work as hard as if it had been off all day. That means less wear and tear on the system each day.

4. Schedule annual inspections.

Yearly inspections are the best way to identify and address emerging problems before they cause a full-blown air conditioner breakdown

Comfort Services offers comprehensive air conditioning preventative service that will help keep your system running consistently. A well-maintained air conditioner is a more efficient air conditioner, and will save you money on your cooling bills every month.

Schedule your air conditioning service appointment with the professionals at Comfort Services by completing our contact form today.

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