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Jul 08 2013

The 4-Step Explanation of How Geothermal Heating Systems Work

Stay in the loop about how geothermal heating can work for you.

Geothermal heating

Geothermal is a word that has Greek roots, with "geo" meaning Earth and "thermal" coming from the Greek word for heat. So, literally, geothermal means the Earth's heat. Geothermal heating makes use of the Earth's heat as an electricity source.

When you think about it, it is all a literal loop. The sun comes down and heats the ground, the heat is then released from the ground in some form or another (with or without human intervention), and it is eventually returned to the ground as heat rises and more sunlight rains down.

But, since that is not the kind of loop you want to say in, here are a few things you might not know about geothermal heating:

  1. It's all about underground temperature. The temperature under the ground is a consistent temperature no matter what the temperature is outside. During the winter, the ground temperature is warmer than the air temperature, and in the summertime when there is often nearly unbearable heat outside, the ground temperature is much cooler.
  2. The system connects your home to that underground temperature. Being a part of the literal loop to geothermal energy entails have parts installed in your yard and home that absorb this heat from the ground and then carry it to your home. This is done via pipes buried in the ground that absorb the heat, with water circulating through the pipes. There is then a heat pump in the basement, which is the inside completion of the loop.
  3. In the winter, it warms your home's air. During the winter months, the water in the pumps underground absorb the heat and take it to the heat pump inside, which takes the heat from the liquid before returning the water back into the ground. The heated air that was extracted is distributed throughout the home.
  4. And in the summer, it cools your air. During the summer months, the pump works in reverse, extracting the hot air from inside the home, which leaves only cooled air to be distributed and the heat is sent back into the ground via the water, which is now warmer than the air in the home. Unlike during the winter, when it enters the home warmer, it leaves the home warmer this time.

Sounds too simply to be true, right? That's part of the beauty of a geothermal system - it's energy efficient, cost effective, and simple.

Considering a geothermal system for your home? Schedule an appointment for a free consultation to find out whether geothermal heating will save you money today:

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