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Aug 19 2013

The 5 Most Interesting & Little-Known Facts About Your Energy Efficiency Rating

You've seen the Energy Star before, but what do you know about your efficiency rating?

Home HVAC efficiency ratings

Every new home and appliance is given an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). What does that mean? It can mean a great deal of difference if you are trying to control the cost of maintaining your home and comfort level.

1. Your Energy Efficiency Rating is Based on Several Factors.

Your energy rating your home receives is based on more than just electric usage. It is based on the type of insulation you have, the amount of energy used by each appliance, how well appliances are maintained and a variety of other variables that you may be able to control.

2. The Color of Your Roof Makes a Difference.

A roof made with darker colored shingles will retain heat for longer periods of time. This works well in the winter but can cause summer cooling costs to skyrocket if the attic is not properly insulated.

3. Lighting Also Makes a Difference.

The way you light your home will dramatically affect its energy efficiency rating. Fluorescent bulbs are much more efficient than older, conventional bulbs. Energy efficient windows allow natural lighting to enter a room without the risk of wasted heat or air conditioning.

4. You Can Get Awesome Energy Savings.

A home with an energy efficiency rating of 7 or higher can save a homeowner almost $4,000 over a ten year period. Making energy efficient home improvements to increase your home's rating may also be eligible for discounts at tax time.

5. You Can Also Get Energy Saving Benefits from Regular Maintenance.

Companies that offer energy services like home audits can save you money if they are performed every few years. They can help you figure out the best way to maintain your home to keep it efficient.

Call Comfort Services today to get your home energy audit scheduled, and not only will you boost your knowledge about energy efficiency ratings - you'll save money, too.

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