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May 29 2014

The Best Advice About Split System Air Conditioners

Let's Discuss the Pros and Cons of Split System Air Conditioners

Split System Air Conditioners

For some homeowners, split system air conditioners can be an affordable, quickly-installed answer to cooling problems throughout the house. Split systems have two main parts: a unit indoors to disperse cool air, and one outside your home that contains the condenser. The two units work together to deliver cool air into the room where the indoor unit is located.

Just like every other option, there are benefits and drawbacks to split systems. Here is our best advice about the pros and cons of split system air conditioners:

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

  • You can improve indoor air quality with the excellent air filtration capabilities of the split system.
  • Split system air conditioners have built-in thermostats, which makes controlling indoor temperature effortless.
  • Split system air conditioners are highly efficient, which will help your family save money all year long.
  • The cost of a split system is much lower than purchasing a new central air conditioning system.

Drawbacks of Split System Air Conditioners

  • Each indoor unit can only be relied upon to cool a fairly small living space. However, multiple indoor units can be placed throughout your home and connect to the same outdoor unit.
  • The cost of a split system is much higher than purchasing a window unit.

A split system air conditioner could be a quick and affordable answer to your cooling needs. These systems are fairly fast to install and can have your home cooled down within a short period of time.

Comfort Services installs split systems throughout the Columbia, South Carolina area, and we would love the opportunity to help you choose the right split system for your home's needs. We can offer short notice service and installation, and we promise 100% satisfaction for all of our customers. Call our expert installation technicians for around-the-clock service: 803.772.4490.

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