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Oct 30 2014

The Easiest and Best Ways to Save Money on Residential Air Conditioning

How Can You Get the Most Out of Running Your Residential Air Conditioning System?

Residential Air Conditioning Savings

On extremely hot days, cranking up your residential air conditioning system can induce stress on that system. Just the thought of further increasing your already astronomical electric bill can make your hair stand on end. But we have some good news: there are some relatively simple steps you can take to help cool your house down – without touching the thermostat.

Here are three great ways to save money on residential air conditioning:

1. Plant Shady Trees

Much of the heat that accumulates inside homes comes from the sun beating through windows or onto the roof. Shading your home from the sun will help prevent additional heat from building up in your home. Plus, shading your air conditioning unit can cut its electricity consumption by 10% - just be sure to keep shrubs trimmed back from the unit to prevent obstruction of operation.

2. Install Solar Screens

If shade trees are not feasible around your yard, consider getting solar screens added to shade sunny windows from the sun’s heat. These will also help slash heat accumulation in the home.

3. Turn on Fans

Simply running a few fans will promote evaporative cooling and make your warm home feel a little bit cooler. Make sure that ceiling fans are running so that they push air down toward you, rather than sucking air up.

If these simple tips aren’t enough to boost the cooling effect of your residential air conditioning equipment, then you may require a repairman. Comfort Services knows furnaces and air conditioners, and we understand the needs of the average South Carolina family.

To make your appointment with an expert residential air conditioning technician, call Comfort Services today at 803.772.4490.

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