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Jun 05 2014

The Most Common Reasons For Air Conditioner Repair

Typical Air Conditioner Repair Scenarios You Can Avoid

Air Conditioning Repair

Comfort Services has been performing air conditioner repairs for many years, so we have seen just about every scenario and issue that can happen with HVAC equipment. We know firsthand that when a problem occurs with your HVAC system, it does not necessarily mean you need a whole new system. Often, a simple repair can fix the issue. Some of the most common air conditioner repairs we see include:

Refrigerant leaks

Simply filling a leaky system with refrigerant is not the solution - the system must be re-sealed before it is refilled with refrigerant. Unqualified technicians often miss refrigerant leaks when they service air conditioning systems, and can make the problem worse by over-filling the refrigerant.

Electric control failure

When your air conditioner frequently turns on and off, which is common for oversized systems, it takes a toll on wires and terminals. This is one reason why installing the right size air conditioner for your home is crucial.

Inadequate maintenance

Just like the rest of your home, your air conditioner needs to be cleaned and checked over regularly to keep it in good working order. Dirty compressors and filters will shorten the lives of fans or a compressor.

Let the experts at Comfort Services take a look to diagnose your air conditioner repair needs. Our technicians work with a wide range of brands to be as knowledgeable as possible for our customers. The summer time is no time for a broken AC unit, so count on the experts at Comfort Services to provide you with emergency air conditioner repair. Call 803.772.4490 for 24/7 service.

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