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Dec 18 2014

The Real Impact of Humidity on Your Home HVAC System

Why does your home HVAC system need to address humidity control?


Your home HVAC system has different humidity issues from season to season. In the winter, the air outside tends to be dry, and a forced air furnace makes it feel even drier inside. In the summer, the drying effects of an air conditioner are no match for our humid South Carolina weather.

So what’s the best way to balance indoor humidity year-round? Keep reading to learn why you need a humidifier and dehumidifier for your home HVAC system.

One of the reasons people tend to get sick more often during the winter is because of the many viruses that thrive in conditions of low humidity. Your home’s dry air promotes your family’s likelihood of catching colds, the flu, and upper respiratory infections. Increasing humidity to about 40% cuts indoor virus populations and helps your family avoid discomforts such as nosebleeds, dry skin, and headaches.

Summertime humidity, on the other hand, creates a different kind of discomfort. Damp air feels warmer than dry air, which is why you can never seem to cool down on very humid summer days. Your air conditioner removes a little humidity from the air when it runs, but a dehumidifier will make a large difference in your summertime comfort levels. You should be able to cut how often you run your air conditioner, which can have a drastic effect on your cooling bills.

At Comfort Services, your comfort is our number one goal. Installing a humidifier and dehumidifier is a must if you want to build the ultimate home HVAC system in South Carolina.

Let Comfort Services help you make your home HVAC system even better – call us for 24/7 service at 803.772.4490.

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