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Jun 02 2014

The Truth About Air Conditioning Costs

One Simple Device Will Immediately Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

Reduce Your AC Costs

Did you know that by making one small temperature control change on your thermostat, you can save 5% - 15% a year on air conditioning costs? That simple switch could put hundreds of dollars back into your pocket. Even setting your thermostat back just 10-15 degrees for 8 hours will slash your air conditioning costs, plus it's effortless when you install a programmable thermostat control.

Programmable temperature control devices offer a lot of flexibility in temperature settings. You can easily adjust the times that you'd like either the heat or air conditioning to turn on, according to a pre-set schedule.

This helps avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your AC system by not running the air conditioning as much when the house is not occupied. These programmable thermostats can store and repeat multiple daily settings (perhaps 6 or more settings a day) that you can manually override without affecting the rest of the daily or weekly program.

Save energy in the winter by setting the thermostat to 68 degrees while you're awake and setting it to run the furnace less while you're asleep or away from home. In the summer, keep your air conditioning costs in check by lowering the thermostat setting only to 78 degrees when you are home. Programmable thermostats will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by returning to desirable temperatures as you wake or return home.

To begin reducing your air conditioning costs, get a quote on a thermostat control system at Comfort Services by scheduling an appointment.

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