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Jul 21 2014

Top 3 Reasons for Residential Air Conditioning Emergency Repair

3 Common Reasons for Emergency Residential Air Conditioning Service Calls

Reasons for emergency AC repair

When your residential air conditioning system stops working in the heat of the summer, it's frustrating, and even dangerous for your family. Depending on your local climate, summertime temperatures can climb to dangerously hot levels, creating a harmful environment in your home. Even when you can get fast response, such as with Comfort Services, every minute that you sit in your hot, muggy home can be irritating.

While there are hundreds of possible reasons for an air conditioner breakdown, most causes for emergency residential air conditioning fall into these three categories.

1. Low refrigerant.

Whether your system is leaking Freon or the system was never filled correctly in the first place, low refrigerant will prevent your residential air conditioning system from properly cooling your home.

2. Frozen inside coil.

This issue can be caused by a few conditions, mainly low refrigerant or an airflow problem caused by dirty air filters or blocked air return ducts. Remember to clean or replace air filters according to the manufacturer's specifications. This is one easy step you can take that will help keep your residential air conditioner running smoothly.

3. Bad wiring.

If your AC wiring was installed incorrectly or is just old and worn, it can be a fire hazard and should be inspected by a residential air conditioning expert immediately. Faulty wiring can also cause a tripped circuit breaker, preventing the unit from receiving power.

Comfort Services' residential air conditioning repair technicians work with all the best brands of air conditioners in order to be as knowledgeable as possible, no matter what each job entails. Should the need arise this summer, our HVAC experts are available around-the-clock to provide your family with emergency services. Just call 803.772.4490 anytime to reach Comfort Services and get the best emergency residential air conditioning service available.

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