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Apr 27 2016

My HVAC System's Fan Is Always Running, Is There Something Wrong?

HVAC Technician Troubleshooting HVAC System

When your HVAC fan will not stop working, although it should, it means something is wrong and it is time for a HVAC troubleshooting and problem solving session. Its failure to cycle off will challenge its long-term performance due to the inherent wear and tear. This problem will skyrocket your energy bills, so you need help, and fast.

There are some fixes you can try on your own, but you always have the option of calling in HVAC professionals. There are several reasons why a HVAC system fan could run continuously and reviewing them could help you figure out what is wrong with yours.

Main Reasons for a HVAC Fan to be Running Continuously or What Professionals Look at When Troubleshooting It

  • Dirty evaporator coil – In time, without proper cleaning and servicing, evaporator coils get covered in dirt and debris.
  • Frozen evaporator coil – Units with this problem usually blow warm air from their supply vents and require professional intervention.
  • Clogged air filters - When the air filters are covered by dirt and debris, air flow through them is restricted, impeding the proper functioning of the unit.
  • Restrictive filter - Even new filters may be too restrictive for some systems (they are usually designed to remove allergens and pollen).
  • Low charge of refrigerant – Without enough refrigerant, the system cannot cool the space properly and keeps running.
  • Faulty thermostats – When the thermostat does not work properly, the unit does not know when the desired temperature has been reached and keeps running.
  • Duct leaks – Faulty duct insulation and unsealed joints could allow the hot or cold air to escape and prevent the space temperature to reach the desired level.
  • Blocked or dirty condenser – Outdoor condenser coils should be kept clean in order to prevent dirt from obstructing proper air flow.
  • Fan and blower motor issues – When the blower motor does not produce enough air, or the fan runs at low speed, the system will lose efficiency and need to run longer.
  • Incorrect unit size – Your system could be too small for the space it needs to heat or cool.

Don't Leave It Running, Call in Professionals

Leaving your system fan running continuously would cost you money and lead to serious problems. You can prevent all this by having your system checked and repaired by professionals.

At Comfort Services, we provide prompt and efficient HVAC services at affordable rates. Just send us your troubleshooting and problem solving request or inquiry and we will respond in no time!

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