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Nov 13 2014

Understanding the Dynamic Relationship Between HVAC Heating and Humidity

How can humidity reduce your HVAC costs?

Heating and Humidity

You may have already heard HVAC heating systems can be run at lower temperatures when a humidifier is running. But you may not fully understand why it works this way. With people constantly looking for new ways to save money, we want to help our clients understand exactly how humidity can help reduce utility bills. Here is an explanation to help you understand the dynamic relationship between HVAC heating and humidity.

It all begins with your reaction to warm temperatures – specifically, it starts with sweating. It’s the human body’s method of cooling itself. When you get hot, your body sweats, the sweat evaporates, and the evaporation cools you down. When the humidity in the air around you is low, the air has the capacity to hold more moisture, so you evaporate sweat at a faster rate, which cools you down more quickly. When your environment is already humid, the air is already at or near total saturation. This means that you sweat more slowly, leaving you feeling warmer because your sweat can’t evaporate fast enough to cool you down.

In the winter, with low temperatures, the air naturally becomes drier, and that includes the air inside your home. Running a humidifier in your home during the cold months will make your home feel warmer, which reduces how much you will need to run your furnace. Your utility bill savings can add up quickly just by keeping your home around 40% humidity in the winter.

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