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Oct 09 2014

Understanding the Value of a Furnace Inspection

A Fall Furnace Inspection Ensures Efficiency, Safety, and Reliability

Furnace Inspection

Now is the best time to schedule a furnace inspection because the cold weather hasn’t quite set in yet. You can get by without running the furnace, but not for too much longer. The nighttime temperatures will start dropping, and you will want to cut the chill by turning up the heat.

How can you be sure that your furnace will be ready to go when you need it? Every homeowner should kick off fall with a thorough furnace inspection. Understanding the true value of a furnace inspection will help you make the right decision and have your unit checked right away.

A furnace inspection is the best method of identifying emerging problems before they lead to total breakdowns. The older your furnace is, the more worn certain parts will be, and replacements become necessary that much earlier. On the other hand, newer furnaces should also be inspected regularly to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. During a furnace inspection, we will also clean and test the unit to ensure the health and safety of your family. Your family’s well-being is a top priority for you, as well as for us at Comfort Services.

Comfort Services firmly believes in the value of regular furnace inspections. These inspections are a prime opportunity to take steps that will avoid a mid-winter furnace breakdown.

A Comfort Services expert technician will complete a thorough inspection checklist to ensure the ongoing safety, efficiency, and reliability of your furnace. Give us a call at 803.772.4490 to schedule your furnace inspection.

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