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Sep 08 2014

Want to Avoid Expensive AC Repair? 3 Ways Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Help

Air Conditioning Maintenance Increases Comfort, Reduces Repairs

AC repair

Regular air conditioning maintenance is a necessity for most homeowners, especially for those of us who live in warm climates. Comfort Services understands that keeping your family comfortable is a top priority. With that in mind, it doesn’t make sense to let routine AC maintenance fall by the wayside. Here are three ways that maintaining a regular air conditioning maintenance schedule can keep your family comfortable and help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

  1. A routine inspection of your air conditioner could identify emerging problems before they cause a real issue. A coolant leak or dirty evaporator coil might not be immediately apparent to you, but a professional inspection will identify and correct these situations before they grow and cause bigger problems for you.
  2. Air conditioning maintenance should include lubrication of moving parts. This will avoid unnecessary friction, which can increase the load put on the motor and hasten its demise. Extra friction also decreases the efficiency of the AC unit.
  3. Routine maintenance should also include tightening of electrical connections and measuring of currents. Sloppy electrical components will decrease a unit’s efficiency, and can even be a fire hazard.

The best way to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your air conditioner is to purchase a maintenance plan from Comfort Services. Our service plans cover detailed, seasonal inspections and tune-ups for your HVAC equipment. However, no matter the care you take, sometimes the need for repairs proves inevitable. Should this be the case, our maintenance subscription members receive a 15% discount on any repairs.

To schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment, visit our website and complete the contact form.

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