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Nov 06 2014

Want to Save Money on Your Residential HVAC? Here's Something That Might Surprise You

You never knew this could reduce your residential HVAC cost.

Residential HVAC

Everybody is looking for ways to save money these days, and a residential HVAC system is one place where there is enormous potential for savings. Many people find changing their temperature settings by a degree or two provides some relief when the utility bills come each month. Others have found that upgrading to a programmable thermostat is another effective method of cost reduction.

But if you really want to save money on your residential HVAC costs, here’s another tip that might surprise you: get a humidifier for your HVAC system.

Humidifiers Benefit Your Residential HVAC

Adding a whole-home humidifier to your HVAC system can result in much relief when your winter utility bills arrive. Wonder why? Humidifiers lower your bills because moist air generally feels warmer than dry air. So if you lowered your thermostat a couple degrees last winter to save money, now you can even lower it a couple more degrees with a humidifier installed, and you probably won’t notice a difference in comfort levels. However, you will definitely see an improvement on your heating costs.

A whole-home humidifier will provide a precise amount of moisture to make your home feel comfortable at decreased temperatures. You can save 4% off your heating bill for every degree you lower your indoor temperature – as you can imagine the savings really do add up quickly.

Who knew that saving big money on your residential HVAC bills could be as easy as adding a humidifier?

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