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Feb 17 2016

What Does a Routine Maintenance Visit Entail?

Discover how routine maintenance agreement visits protect your heating and cooling systems.

HVAC Service Visit

To keep your heating and cooling system running all year round smoothly, consider regular visits as part of a professional maintenance agreement. On these visits, we check the filter bag in the system to clear out all of the dust that's collected to ensure a better air flow through your home. We also verify the temperature settings to make sure your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. During the check, we make sure all of the air belts are properly in place and make sure none of the wiring is becoming frayed. More than that, the routine visit protects your warranty should something unexpected occur.

What else can I expect from a maintenance agreement?

Since a properly running HVAC system makes your system operate at a smaller operating cost, a routine maintenance visit helps cut the cost of your utility bills. Apart from ensuring the warranty on your system doesn't expire, regular visits add years to the life expectancy of your HVAC appliance. Making sure the vents and airbags are cleared out and running smoothly helps to ensure your system gets its maximum life expectancy, and protects the investment you’ve made for your home.

If you find something wrong, does the maintenance agreement cover the cost of the repair?

Our team at Comfort Services strives to keep your equipment alive and running optimally as long as possible. While our maintenance agreement ensures quick and scheduled checkups, as your system gets older it will start to deteriorate.

However, by being enrolled in a maintenance agreement, you can reduce the risk of needing the repairs as long as possible. The comfort of your family and your home is in our top priority, and we feel we should reward the trust and loyalty given to us by our customers by providing thorough checks and catching unforeseen issues before they become catastrophic.

Don’t wait until your system is beyond repair before you consider entering into one of our affordable maintenance agreements. If you’d like to ensure your HVAC system runs optimally year-round, contact our team of experts at Comfort Services today to learn more about the maintenance agreements offered through our convenient Comfort Club.

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