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May 18 2016

What Does It Mean to Be EPA Certified?

Residential Air Conditioning System

As you may already know, EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency, the US organization with one of the greatest influences on the South Carolina energy services market. The EPA has defined a set of standards all HVAC systems should meet to be considered safe for the environment.

As a result, the State Licensing Board requires the technicians servicing HVAC equipment (anyone performing installation, maintenance, repairs or replacements and dealing with controlled refrigerants or other substances that release chemicals into the atmosphere) to have EPA Certification as per Section 608.

Energy Services 101: What You Need to Know about the Types of EPA Section 608 Certification

There are four types of EPA certifications for HVAC technicians, varying according to the duties of the professionals applying for them:

  1. Type I: Usually pursued by technicians servicing small appliances, like window air conditioning units, vending machines or residential refrigerators.
  2. Type II: More suitable for professionals servicing and disposing of high-pressure refrigerant equipment, like heat pumps, residential AC units, supermarket refrigerators or process refrigerators.
  3. Type III: Available to technicians handling low-pressure refrigerant equipment such as chillers.
  4. Type IV: A universal certification for professionals who intend to service all equipment categories.

Why Is It Important to Work with an EPA Certified Energy Service Provider?

Your HVAC system is responsible for close to 50% of your energy bills. Receiving service from an EPA certified technician means making sure it performs at its best and in a way that keeps costs under control. More than that, certified technicians are skilled professionals you can rely on no matter the nature of the problems your HVAC may be experiencing.

At Comfort Services, our team consists of highly experienced EPA certified technicians who are available to meet any service requirements. Contact our energy services team today to discover first-hand why we have acquired a stellar reputation for HVAC service in Columbia, South Carolina.

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