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Apr 20 2016

What Is an Energy Audit?

HVAC Technician Performing Energy Audit

Energy audits or energy assessments are the most popular energy services on the market nowadays and the most efficient method of assessing the amount of energy a home or business consumes and what can be done to improve its energy efficiency. The audit can reveal problems that, if corrected, will lower your energy bills and save you lots of money in the long run.

Energy audits usually begin with an examination of your space and your past utility bills. Depending on the results, they may also include blower door tests, thermographic scans, or PFT air infiltration measurements.

Preparing for the Energy Assessment

Before the actual audit, you should make a list covering the following details:

  • Problems you’ve noticed in your home or commercial space, anything from condensation or mildew, to uncomfortable and drafty rooms.
  • Your energy bills from last year, to allow the auditor to track down your energy costs' evolution throughout time.
  • The user or resident behavior, when and how the space is used, by how many people, at what temperature the thermostat is set during working hours, how many rooms are used, and for what purposes.

These details will help the auditor come up with ways to reduce your energy bills detect energy loss sources or malfunctions.

Finding the Best Energy Auditor

Needless to say, the energy auditor you work with should be certified, experienced and well reputed, so do not be afraid to ask the ones you are considering for a copy of their license, recommendations from previous customers, and details on how they work. Do not rest until you find a company that meets all of your standards and expectations.

At Comfort Services, we have been providing prompt and reliable energy services for decades, and we will be happy to answer your request. Contact us now and schedule an energy audit appointment – you will not regret it!

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