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Jan 29 2015

What is Involved in Replacing My Old HVAC System?

Here's what happens when your heating and air conditioning equipment have to go.

Homeowner learning about new HVAC system

Replacing old heating and air conditioning equipment is a big but important decision that many homeowners face. If you're tired of your HVAC system breaking down or not keeping the house comfortable, these are good indications it's time for a new system. Curious about what is involved in replacing your old HVAC system?

The process starts by taking measurements and calculating which new heating and air conditioning equipment will best serve your home. It's not wise to just get the new version of your old system, because the old system may not even be the right size for the house.

Once a new HVAC system is decided upon, the old equipment comes out. In addition to removing the old furnace and air conditioner, some wiring may need to be replaced. Air ducts may also be altered at this point to better deliver air throughout the home. If possible, deficiencies in insulation should also be addressed to maximize the efficiency of the new equipment.

Then, the new heating and air conditioning systems are carefully installed according to the manufacturer's specifications. The new system should be topped off with a new programmable thermostat. This small piece of equipment can deliver another burst of efficiency by allowing you to program heating and cooling zones within the home, as well as set temperature changes throughout the day. After all, why heat or cool the house when nobody is home?

The long, intricate process of replacing your old HVAC system is totally worth it. New equipment will surely lower your energy bills and increase the comfort levels for everyone in your home.

If you think it may be time to replace your old HVAC system, contact Comfort services with a click – or call 803-772-4490.

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