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Apr 25 2017

What to Do When Your AC Starts Blowing Hot Air

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When your AC starts blowing hot air, it’s usually time to bring in a heating and air conditioning professional. Many issues can cause your AC to blow hot air, but fixing most of them requires a professional. 

Try These Quick Troubleshooting Tips First!

There are a few things that may cause your AC to blow hot air that you can fix yourself. So before you make the call to your HVAC service providers, check on these things to avoid embarrassment:

Make sure your thermostat is set correctly. It may on the "heat" setting or the fan may be on, even though the "air" is not on.

Your unit may have blocked airflow. Common sources of restricted air include a dirty filter that is overdue for a change or the coils on your system in need of cleaning.

Is your external unit getting electricity? Check the circuit breaker/fuse to see if that's your problem.

Time to Call in the Pros

If you've checked the homeowner's troubleshooting list above and your AC is still blowing hot air, the next call is to your HVAC provider. They will check both the indoor and outdoor units of your system, as well as verify a working compressor, good refrigerant levels, open ducts, no electrical issues and more. And if the professional team you call is ours, there is even 24-hour emergency service available!

Contact our friendly team of experts at Comfort Services today for the heating and air conditioning solutions you need for your home.

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