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Mar 18 2015

What to Expect From Your Maintenance Inspection

What do maintenance agreements include?

Maintenance Checks

HVAC maintenance agreements are a fantastic way to keep close tabs on your heating and cooling systems. Most maintenance agreements include at least two inspections per year, as well as many other beneficial services that members find helpful.

During routine HVAC maintenance inspections, your heating and cooling equipment will be thoroughly checked over by a trained and qualified technician. Here are some of the services you can expect to occur during your HVAC maintenance inspection:

  • Clean dust and debris out of HVAC equipment
  • Tighten loose fasteners
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Clean or replace dirty air filters
  • Assess electrical connections and identify wiring that needs to be replaced
  • Check the entire HVAC system for parts that need to be replaced

Even with regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, repairs and replacement parts will eventually be required. Many HVAC companies will offer their maintenance agreement subscribers a discount on any necessary repairs.

Another great thing about maintenance agreements is that most HVAC companies offer subscribers free home visits anytime a problem arises. Whether the system stops working or if you just think something might be wrong, you can call your HVAC company for another free inspection if you’re a maintenance agreement subscriber. Talk about peace of mind!

If you’re a homeowner in Columbia, SC, you have a lot of options when it comes to HVAC services. Comfort Services has almost 40 years of experience helping families improve the comfort levels in their homes. Find out what a maintenance agreement from Comfort Services can do for your family.

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