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Oct 27 2016

What's Causing My Ductwork to Pop When the Furnace Starts or Stops?

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Furnace troubleshooting and diagnosing your HVAC system can be a daunting process for homeowners. What about when your ducts pop every time the furnace starts or stops? Find out what could cause this issue and what to do when it happens.


A popping sound coming from inside your air ducts is a common issue, and isn’t one to be ignored. The cause of the sound? Your air ducts were poorly designed.
The popping disturbance is usually a sign that the duct design is under-sized. The problem might also result from too much air flow than what your duct work can manage.
Your home will require the services of a qualified company with HVAC contractors to analyze the ventilation system of your home. Improper duct work layout can cause several air quality and ventilation problems. Some of these problems can result in excessive noise that is quite irritating. Comfort Services can assess and recommend adjustments and proper designing for your home’s duct work.

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Comfort Services is a locally owned company in Columbia, SC that proudly provides certified and professional technicians who commit themselves to providing exceptional commercial and residential heating, cooling, repair and replacement services. You can rest assured that with Comfort Services, nothing is left to regret as the job is done perfectly well, with maximum efficiency to leave you fully satisfied. For more information about furnace repair and duct work inspections, contact us today.

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