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May 21 2015

When Should I Replace My Existing HVAC Unit?

How to tell when it’s time to cut old heating and air conditioning units loose.

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Heating and air conditioning units are incredibly important for your family’s comfort. In the summer, the air conditioner protects us from the blistering heat. In the winter, the furnace helps cut the chill in the early morning. Unfortunately, heating and air conditioning systems often go unappreciated – at least, until they completely break down. So when is the right time to replace an existing HVAC unit?

A general rule of thumb for replacing HVAC units is 10 years for air conditioners and heat pumps and 15 years for boilers and furnaces. Not only will older units start to break down, but they are also substantially less efficient than newer models.

Besides age, loud or strange noises can indicate an impending breakdown. A system that seems to run constantly but still doesn’t adequately heat or cool the home is probably the wrong size for the house and should be replaced.

Purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner presents a big expense up front. But look at it this way: investing in a highly efficient unit that’s perfectly sized for your house could save you a ton of money on your utility bills. The older and less efficient your old unit is the more money you stand to save with a new unit.

If you are concerned about whether your air conditioner will make it through yet another summer, it’s time to start considering your options. Learn more about replacing old heating and air conditioning units in Columbia, SC with the help of Comfort Services.

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