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Jul 13 2016

When Should I Have My Air Conditioner Checked?

Knowing when to have an air conditioner serviced, or looked at is a common concern for homeowners. You really don’t want to wait until the unit is on the fritz, but sometimes this is unavoidable, even with maintenance–more commonly so with an older unit that’s on its way out any day now.

There are warning signs that you’ll want to be aware of that way if your AC unit is showing signs that something’s amiss, you can have it checked out before it kicks the bucket on one of summer’s hottest days–what a nightmare.
We’ll also let you know the ideal times to have the unit checked for maintenance and prevention purposes, so you can stay on top of things and avoid the aforementioned nightmare above.

When is the best time to have my AC serviced?

Ideally, you’ll want to have your air conditioning system checked out in the spring, sometime after the winter months, but before the outdoor heat kicks on. Basically, before you really need to turn the AC on. Getting your system ready just before summer will help to prevent problems when you need it most–on days when Mother Nature is having a hot flash.

What are some signs of air conditioner problems?

These are some warning signs of air conditioner problems to keep a lookout for during the warmer months of the year:

  • Gurgling Noises: Possibly the compressor on the fritz.
  • It’s blowing out warm air–Red Flag!
  • The air is cool, but you’re not getting enough of it.
  • Some areas of the home are cooler than others–not the norm for your home.
  • It smells funny.
  • Other strange sounds–anything out of the norm would qualify as strange.
  • A collection of water in the unit.

If it’s that time of the year to have your air conditioner serviced, or you’re worried that something’s just not right, contact the experts of Comfort Services today!

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