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Jan 19 2015

Why Do I Need a Maintenance Agreement for My Heating and Air System?

Protect your investment with a HVAC maintenance agreement.

Tech performing regular HVAC maintenance

Maintenance agreements may seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if your HVAC equipment is fairly new. You may still be trying to pay off the expense of purchasing the new equipment, and watching your additional expenses is a great way to save money. After all, a new system won’t require maintenance anyway, right?

Actually, many new HVAC systems require regular inspections to maintain their warranty. It’s also the best way to ensure your heating and air conditioning equipment stays working efficiently for years to come. During a routine inspection, a trained technician will apply lubrication and tighten fasteners where necessary. He or she can also spot emerging issues before they become full-blown emergencies.

A good HVAC maintenance agreement will provide for regular inspections at least once a year. The best maintenance agreement plans will also provide a discount on calls and parts for any necessary repairs. Be sure to choose a company that trains its technicians to work with your specific brand of equipment. Also, avoid hiring a company that hasn’t been in business for very long. Go with a company with a long track record of customer satisfaction; if you do require repairs down the road, you want to know that your company will still be around to provide needed services.

Maintenance agreements are a fantastic way to protect your investment in HVAC equipment, not to mention the comfort and safety of your family. Click here to learn more about HVAC maintenance agreement options for your Columbia SC-area home, or call 803-772-4490.

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