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Jan 23 2017

Why Does the Air in My Home Feel Stuffy?


A common complaint, especially in the winter, is that a home might feel stuffy, or the air is thick in your house, or maybe in a few rooms. Sometimes “stuffy” rooms make it harder to control the temperature, and sometimes the thermostat says the temperature inside is set right, but it is still difficult to create a sense of comfort. Find out what kind of HVAC accessories would improve the comfort of the air in your home now!

Smart Thermostat

Often people change from an older thermostat to a smart thermostat to increase energy efficiency. There are other benefits, including being able to “set” the thermostat so that it can keep all parts of the house more consistently controlled. Humidity can occur when a home gets too warm before it is cooled—eventually when the air is cooled, the humidity goes away, but with a smart thermostat, you can set the air to kick on before you get home, so you can walk into a comfortable home. Making the upgrade to a smart thermostat will save you in energy costs by not cooling or heating the house all day when no one is home.

Humidity Control

A humidifier or dehumidifier can also help improve the air quality in your home. At some times of the year, the air “feels” drier and less humid, at other times, the air “feels” thicker and less comfortable. Having a humidifier or dehumidifier can also save you money because you won’t try to fix an air moisture issue by adjusting the temperature setting.

Comfort Services in Columbia has solutions for discomfort caused by too much humidity in the air, or too little humidity which can cause problems like static electricity, dry skin, and nosebleeds. Our experts can visit your home and help you determine the best HVAC solutions for your situation. Contact us today for help!

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