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Sep 11 2014

This is Not Minnesota! Why HVAC Heating and Regular Maintenance Still Matter in South Carolina

Schedule HVAC Heating Maintenance Before the Cold Weather Arrives

HVAC Maintenance before winter

HVAC heating and maintenance may not strike you as being very important in South Carolina. As, our mild and humid climate keeps temperatures fairly moderate throughout the year. That is probably why many of us choose to live here! It may not get very cold in South Carolina, but we still want to be comfortable in our homes during those chilly winter nights. That’s why it is important to have regular maintenance and inspections completed on your HVAC heating system before winter arrives.

Nighttime temperatures in South Carolina often dip below freezing during the winter, and those are the nights when you want the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained furnace. Unfortunately, it seems like furnace breakdowns happen most often during the worst possible time when you need it the most. You don’t want your family to suffer through a cold winter night, which places importance on regular maintenance of your HVAC heating system, as the best way to prevent this unfortunate scenario from unfolding. Regular inspections are also an excellent way to handle minor repairs before they develop into full-blown, expensive HVAC emergencies.

For nearly 40 years, the Comfort Services team has been helping families in South Carolina maintain their HVAC heating and cooling systems. Our decades of experience, ongoing training, state-of-the-art equipment, licensed and bonded technicians, and commitment to total customer satisfaction are the reasons for our prolonged success.

We urge you to schedule an inspection this fall, before the nighttime temperatures drop to chilly levels. To have an HVAC heating expert service your system, call Comfort Services anytime at 803.772.4490.

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