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Feb 04 2015

Why Is My Wood Furniture Cracking?

Dry winter air including dry indoor air quality is to blame for a long list of issues.

Aging wood furniture

We're all getting tired of the dry winter weather and the uncomfortable effects of poor indoor air quality that come with heating, aren't we? If you are one of the millions of people who suffer through months of itchy skin, nosebleeds, static electricity in your hair, and headaches, then the answer is surely a resounding yes! Cold, dry air does a number on our bodies and our homes.

However, the dry winter air affects more than our skin and health. Have you noticed that your wood furniture has begun to crack? The dry winter air and the dryness in the indoor air quality the heating causes are likely to blame for that too. A whole home humidifier provides the solution to all of these problems and more.

Humidifiers: A Solution for Dry Indoor Air Quality

Having a whole home humidifier installed in your house is the single best way to combat the problems associated with dry winter air. A humidifier will run each time your furnace runs, delivering just the right amount of moisture throughout your home. Not only will a humidifier alleviate your physical discomfort, but it can also prevent further cracking of your wood furniture. It can even help your family stay healthy, because most airborne viruses thrive in dry conditions. As you can see, the benefits of a whole home humidifier are wide ranging.

To improve your indoor air quality, health, and physical condition for the rest of the winter, ask your local HVAC company about installing a whole home humidifier in your home. Comfort Services recommends it for all of their Columbia, SC area clients to improve indoor air quality and the comfort level in the home.

Learn more about humidity control options and how to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

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