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Sep 04 2014

Winter Is Coming! Now Is the Time for HVAC Inspection Before the Cold Sets In

Get Prepared for Winter with a Professional HVAC Inspection

Professional HVAC Inspection

It's hard to think about right now, but winter is coming up fast, which makes now the perfect time for an HVAC inspection. Even though it usually doesn't get very cold here in South Carolina, nobody wants to be left unprepared for unpredictable winter weather. Being proactive and scheduling your HVAC inspection, before winter arrives, is a good way to make sure your family can live comfortably this winter. A Comfort Services technician can inspect your HVAC system to make sure it is running efficiently.

In an HVAC inspection, our technicians will complete a thorough checklist and perform routine maintenance to ensure that all of your HVAC equipment is in top condition. Our HVAC experts can complete such important tasks as checking your furnace's pilot light, cleaning components within your furnace, changing your air filters, examining equipment for leaks, inspecting the thermostat, and much more. The professionals at Comfort Services know all the ways to improve the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your HVAC system.

For the sake of your family, be proactive. Waiting for a problem to emerge can result in costly repairs and undue burdens on your family. Comfort Services wants to make sure that you are ready for whatever the winter may bring. Call Comfort Services at 803.772.4490 to schedule your HVAC inspection.

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