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Jul 31 2014

Zoning and Your HVAC Units: How to Save Money on Your AC This Summer

Achieve Consistent and Efficient Comfort with Zoned HVAC Units

Zoning for HVAC

It doesn't matter how good your HVAC unit is - most homes have an area or two that are always too hot or cold. For instance, homes with finished basements are usually uncomfortably cold downstairs. Rooms that receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day, meanwhile, can be difficult to keep cool. A busy kitchen can warm up really fast, too.

The best way to remedy hot and cold zones within a home is to install a zoning system with the existing HVAC units. A zoned HVAC system basically means that each separate area of the home has its own thermostat. All of those thermostats are wired to one central device that provides the ability to control and program all of the thermostats.

Each thermostat constantly assesses its area's temperature and simultaneously controls dampers inside the air ducts. That means that your empty guest room can be shut down to reduce wasted energy, while less cooled air can be directed to your already chilly basement. When you have your oven cranking out goodies all day, your kitchen thermostat can direct more cooled air there to bring the temperature back down.

Zoned HVAC systems can create a more consistent and comfortable environment throughout your home while saving you big money on your energy bills. Comfort Services installs zoned HVAC systems for homes all over the Columbia area. We would enjoy the opportunity to assess your home and make recommendations for how zoning can solve your heating and cooling problems. For questions about zoning your HVAC units, call Comfort Services anytime at 803.772.4490.

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