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Radiant Barriers

Can Radiant Barriers Really Reduce Cooling Costs by 10% or More?

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers are installed in buildings, usually in the attic, to reflect the sun’s heat away from the building. A radiant barrier is a coating or thin sheet of highly reflective material, such as aluminum. Radiant barriers work better in warm climates than cold. In warm climates like ours here in Columbia, South Carolina, this simple heat reflection product can decrease summer cooling costs by 10% or more.

How does it work?

When the sun’s heat beats down onto your roof, the roof heats up due to the sun's radiant energy. The sun’s heat travels by conduction, penetrating your roofing materials. Those hot materials then radiate heat energy into the attic surfaces, such as your air ducts. Installing a radiant barrier prevents much of the radiant heat from transferring from the roofing materials into the attic.

Exactly how much money can a radiant barrier save?

Your exact savings will depend on multiple factors, including:

  • The type of radiant barrier application used
  • The size of your house
  • The number of floors in your house
  • The type, quality, and age of the insulation in your attic
  • Attic ventilation
  • The color of your roof (a lighter colored roof will reflect more of the sun’s heat; a darker colored roof will absorb more heat)
  • Your thermostat settings
  • The tightness of your home’s envelope (a measure of how much air leaks out of your home)
  • The local climate
  • Your current energy rates
  • The heating and cooling systems in place at your home

Applying a radiant barrier to the underside of the roof structure can be accomplished in several ways. There are numerous materials and methods available for radiant barriers. It is best to consult with a professional to determine the best method and material for your home’s structure.

Comfort Services has been helping Columbia area homeowners improve their energy efficiency for nearly four decades. We use the latest technology and methods when installing radiant barriers and other energy-saving products. To discover how radiant barriers and other products and services can help you save on your energy bills, complete our contact form to set up your free consultation.

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