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Take a Look at Who We Are and What We Do

The Day Begins

The Day Begins and Comfort Services is ready to serve you. Even though you haven't called them yet.

Indoor Air Quality

Let the professionals at Comfort Services maintain your indoor air quality.

Maintenance Agreement

A maintenance agreement from Comfort Services can help save you money on your heating and cooling system.

Carolina Children's Home

Comfort Services never misses a chance to give back to their community. That is why when they heard that Carolina Children's Home needed some HVAC work done to one of their cottages, they stepped up to the challenge. See how Comfort Services helped Carolina Children's Home.

Duct Sealing "Aeroseal"

If your duct system is leaking, Comfort Services can fix that.  Comfort Services can seal those leaks with an easy process to keep your air circulating properly and keep mold and dust particles out.  Call today to find out more.

Fall Cool Cash special

Comfort Services can save you up to $1,600 on qualifying equipment to keep you comfortable this fall.  Call today to find out more.

Heating and Air Unit by Water Furnace

Get a new kind of Heating and Air unit by Water Furnace from Comfort Services.

Online Shopping

Some things you can research and purchase online, when it comes to your homes HVAC system, save time and effort by letting Comfort Services get your the proper system that is best for your home.


Comfort Services is a true partner to you and your family.

Partner Web Video

Find out how working the long hot days of summer and the cold nights of winter makes Comfort Services a true partner for you and your family. 

Save up to $1,600 with Comfort Services

Let Comfort Services keep you comfortable this fall.  Call today and find out about how you can save up to $1,600 on qualifying equipment.  

Saving Money is Easy with Comfort Services

Get Your Cool On with savings from your friends at Comfort Services!!

Service and Repair

We are on call 24 hours a day, ready to serve you with a service or repair!  Contact us today for all you comfort needs!

Smart Thermostats

Experts in all things thermostats!  Ask us how to save on your monthly heating and air bill with a new smart thermostat!!!  

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